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What was Coding like 40 years ago?

The Coding Train
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Take a trip back in time and let’s code the Snake Game in AppleSoft BASIC on a restored Apple II+ computer! GOTO and GOSUB! Line numbers!

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Editing by Mathieu Blanchette
Animations by Jason Heglund
Coding Together Theme by Will from America ()
Eye of the Tiger cover by Leon from @neoexplains
Additional music from from Epidemic Sound

0:00 Hello from 1981!
0:35 Opening Theme
1:29 Getting started
1:50 Fundamentals: PRINT, line numbers, LIST, RUN, GOTO
3:50 HOME (clear screen)
4:10 Variables
5:24 GOTO
5:44 Animation
6:20 Subroutines and GOSUB
7:17 Peeks, Pokes, & Pointers
8:35 Write IF for keyboard interaction
9:35 Delay loop
11:16 Working with Arrays (DIM)
13:47 Remarks (REM)
14:01 Random Food Position (RND)
15:26 Debugging Montage
17:34 Snake Subroutines
23:15 Move Food
25:44 Improvements
27:02 Emulators
27:25 Nebula Class! What is Code?

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  1. I'm really sad you didn't actually film this entire video on VHS or Beta.

  2. If i had a teacher like him, surely i wasn't regret nowadays for not being a professional programmer. Well, i haven't lost hope at 38's and i'm doing certifications…

  3. This is how I started learning programming. In the Soviet Union in 80s we didn't have personal computers at homes and we didn't have a computer class at school. So we we had lessons, where we studied syntaxes of basic and we wrote programs on paper. Then, once in to weeks, we went to a computer class, where we had 45 minutes to type in a program and debug it. That was a challenge.

  4. awesome vid, cool to see your program snake on an old mac!!!

  5. You have inspired something great and / or terrible. Showing this video to a friend, we went looking for trapper keeepers, and they are making them again! Which lead to the idea of converting a trapper keeper into a cyberdeck! I'll let you know when it happens. Thanks!

  6. Ah the good old days, typing in listings into a 48K ZX Spectrum (yes I'm English), saving onto tape and running them. My coding addiction started then made me forget school work and focus totally on programming, my teachers told me I wouldnt make anything of my life but here I am in a flat that is paid for, with bountiful savings from my programming career and am serene and happy. Programming did that!

  7. He's like Usagi Electric's Uncle who studied CS instead of EE.

  8. omgggggg 😀 I love you videos so much.!!! Thankssss for thiiis

  9. That was how I wrote my first number-guessing game when I had my first computer, which was an Intel 8088 PC with two 5.25" floppy drives, 128K RAM, no hard drive, and booted into BASICA (ROM) without any DOS-on-floppy. Writing BASIC was my only entertainment at the time since I didn't have games or even DOS to play with. The commands were somewhat different, of course, with SCREEN 0 for text, SCREEN 1 for 320×200 CGA, SCREEN 2 for 640×200 Hi-res monochrome, and CLS for Clear Screen (HOME). And you can change the text width as well. I didn't even have a manual, I studied examples from magazines and learned from there. This video brought back all those memories. Thank you so much.

  10. What was it like 40 years ago? You were coding much closer to the metal, regardless of the language. There, saved you 30 minutes.

  11. This is amazing. I'm so used to all the modern conveniences, but now that I think about it, as a kid I did see some of this stuff, and it just completely slipped my mind that coding used to be like this.

  12. . His enthusiasm it's contagious!

  13. I love the poster of Robert Smith on the wall.

  14. Some say that there are still some processes running

  15. "If you like the GoTo command"

    I know a paper or two that might of made that irrelevant a good bit ago xD

  16. Wish i had this when I was 7, would have answered a lot of questions lol

  17. When i was 16 one of the class exam was to make the snake game in assembly code in 3 hours time, mine worked fine except for the tail not "erasing" meaning the snake became longer any step, also there was no way to die, it was super challenging at that time. that got me an 8 out of 10 evaluation 😀

  18. The mere sound of that keyboard gives me some serious childhood nostalgia~

  19. 40 years ago is 1980. I still thought it was 1960

  20. What a fun video to watch! I was wondering how long it took you to write this program?

  21. the production value on that opening theme is impressive but my god was it hard to sit through

  22. This programming language is so elegant lol. except the leave space between lines thing

  23. The Apple ][ was the first computer I wrote commercial software on. It was a fantastic introduction to the world of work.

  24. I barely know how to code, yet I LOVE programming! It's something I consider fun to do.

  25. Youre almost like Bob Ross of programming. Love it!

  26. 30 seconds into the video – my first introduction to this channel… and I'm subscribed! LMAO I have no idea what the average content is but that song got me lol

  27. I remember coding a three-player snake game in my mate's front room when we had nothing to do one afternoon. They didn't understand the genius.

  28. the initial 13 was carriage return (last key you pressed after run)

  29. I can’t even spell Kooding ….but I can watch this guy forever! It wasn’t until he said the actual date that I was absolutely sure this video wasn’t done back in the 80s. I’m still not 100% sure that it wasn’t…..

  30. So let's code Doom without an editor 😛 Total nightmare 😀

  31. Takes me back to teaching myself Spectrum BASIC aged 10, in about 1988

  32. Very good! The opening theme is really cool…Greetings from Brazil.

  33. I love this! I was 5v when my dad brought home an Apple ][+ in 1979.

    But…. Where the Mockingboard music??? Chiptune style music was still several years away!!

  34. What an energetic person you are, sir….❤️❤️❤️❤️👍

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