The Ultimate Spiral Trap Of Giant Snake / -

The Ultimate Spiral Trap Of Giant Snake /

Friendly Snake
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Today’s video is about showing how I Trapped The Biggest Snake in a fashion amazing way, this was done by a pro at the mobile mini game, it is a simple snake game available on Android and iPhone, it can be downloaded on Google store or Apple store.

This game is about a snake trying to survive and get the biggest way possible by collecting small score available on the map or killing other snake enemies.

How big can you get at this game?
by the way, there is no limit to the score that you can get at this game, you just have to be good
enough to survive the most amount of time and collect the highest score possible.

Last question, do you think this the best snake or io game in 2021?

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  3. Man i got to fifteen thousand i was literally so happy but you you did it in like 8 mins and got 18000 wow good job mate

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  5. Lütfen kanalımıza abone olmayı unutmayın🤗

  6. Осінні будуть в зомбі

  7. NİCE 😀😃🙂🙃😊😇😀😃🙂🙃😊

  8. I do the spiral trap everytime I’m big enough

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