- Snake Oasis Event Trailer - – Snake Oasis Event Trailer

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The sinister evil boss has finally awakened in the Oasis! Fight your way to the top, unlock exclusive skins, and get ready to face Evil Djinn in the new Snake Oasis event.

Download the game now and don’t miss this event:


  1. How are points calculated? I’m confused. I made more point than the leader board I think. The highest looks like 9,000. I got higher than that. On the desert Ajin event. You guys need to really explain how point work and where the points on the leader board are. Explain date and time of when scores are updated.

  2. Guys this game is a scam and you not playing with real people, it’s all automated bots/AI. My proof? You can turn off the WiFi and data (which is the only way to connect you with other real people) and it stays connected when there is no connection.

  3. C’est lui qui a créé cette vidéo c’est le remercie beaucoup parce que moi aussi j’étais de quoi 11 lui dis un grand bonjour

  4. Est-ce que tu peux me dire comment tu as créé cette vie Théo parce que moi aussi se faire une vidéo d’accord et comment tu prends ton skin de cheval

  5. All worms act the same I wish it was real players instead of bots

  6. I've been in 200 for sure). Actually I took 7th place. But I don't have any evil djinn skin. 😔

  7. I was in top 200, I think I was 24 or 25. agent47
    I do not see my new dragon skin??

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