New World Record #shorts #snake #snakeio #gameplay #new #worldrecord - New World Record #shorts #snake #snakeio #gameplay #new #worldrecord

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  1. Hacker bet my highest score (51,098)😳

  2. my best score is 128 084 no hack 2 hours.

  3. He's not hacking he's using a mod. If he's on a phone, he probably used happymod.

  4. My best is 296 837 score I think

    Edit: I'm not hacking

  5. okay 👍👌😊👍👌😊👍👌😊👍
    it's a mod 😊❤

  6. Yes your write y there hacking this game that is not good i think he don't no how to play that's why😑😑😛😛

  7. my score in snake io is 20,000 and yours is 80,000

  8. That isn't world record, world record is over 2 million

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