- ALL Lunar New Year Event Skins - – ALL Lunar New Year Event Skins

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All available LNY you can get from game on android and ios!
Currently in the game is the Lunar New Year event of, really addictive game you should give it a try if you are looking for an amazing casual game to play during free time! Nice skins to collect too. I think I unlocked all possible ones for Lunar New Year (including the awesome Emperor Dragon skin!)

Skins you can get from the event:
1. Meridian Squeaker
2. Supreme Squeaker
3. Heavenly Squeaker
4. Bustling Boar (Got it from FB page!! Free!)
5. Emperor Dragon (Got it on bundle sale, worth it! Can play with no ads and really nice skin!) is available for both Android and iOS. You gotta try it out yourself!
Can you beat my high score? Comment below your top scores!

Download link:


Music is not mine, link added for anyone who wants the audio!

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