Snake Game in Scratch 3.0 | Scratch 3.0 Game Tutorial | How to Make Games -

Snake Game in Scratch 3.0 | Scratch 3.0 Game Tutorial | How to Make Games

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In this tutorial I will show you a simple way to make snake in Scratch 3.0. It does have it’s own bugs and issues but can be a good starting point for a more complete project.

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  1. when you drew the red thing and said not bad i am not that bad my sister said your not bad your HORRIBLe

  2. this video was amazing keep making more, my suggestion is a spiderman game🕷-🧔‍♂

  3. I want to a multi player snake game thank you

  4. him: I can't draw very well.
    also him: draws a perfect steak*

  5. youtube non sono inglese basta mandare video inglesi youtubeù

  6. anywhere past 10 length starts getting glitchy, still pretty fun though

  7. When I share link of my snake game,snake is not appearing in the game.what to do ..plzz help..

  8. thank you soooo much for the tutorial i have been looking how to make a game and now i know how thanx!

  9. Thank You So Much!! Wonderful video helped me to make game like you.

  10. it didn't work to grow when it was eating

  11. we have to reset the size every round right

  12. ok—————————–…… why……..

  13. yes please make a multyplayer game! thank you!

  14. pov me when you are making the steak me justuse an apple

  15. If you want to make the game stop when it touches an edge, put a new "When green flag clicked block". Then add a "forever loop" and put an "if < > then" inside it. Then inside of the < > put a "touching mouse pointer?" but change it to "touching edge?". Then inside the if then block, add a stop all!

  16. I have struggle with that and I am trying to make my own game instead of using others and making unnoticeable changes with is nothing which I didn't understand its much bc I am under perhaps 18

  17. When my down arrow is clicked I move diagonally please someone tell me how to fix this

  18. Eglė the girl ho needs ur. 💖 love 💖 says:

    its so good i like it

  19. mine keeps making circles all around the place and they dissapear from time to time

  20. please make a molty player game please!!!!!!!

  21. Really awesome and creative 😄😄😄👏👏👏

  22. A lot of people have mentioned there was a problem with length. I believe I did not reset it. Make sure you set length to 0 in the beginning 😉

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