Trolling #shorts #slitherio - Trolling #shorts #slitherio

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  1. Жаль что только ртом есть можно в червечках😢

  2. I didnt expect to see this game again in 2024……..

  3. I broke my moms old phone playing that game when i was 9

  4. Повернуть назад не судьба

  5. Как же шпарит эта щëтка🔥🔥🔥

  6. Jumbo on shorts? No way. Respect to the og solo agario God next to pumba, and who else?

  7. I did this so many times on accident randomly going afk idk how they ran into me 💀

  8. Jesus. I’ve scrolled far enough that I went back to 2015

  9. Самый подлый поступок который тут можно вообще сделать

  10. Black eyed tree frog please please please!!!

  11. Yo soy como el top 20 en este último evento

  12. OLD:Better
    New:better than old and cool styles but not old…

  13. That video is like 5 years old girl with pink hair and heavy metal. I mean your video is cringe

  14. I really expected the troll face to lose there, accidentally hit the wall 💀

    I forgot how this game worked lol

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