Nick Dominates Snake Game. -

Nick Dominates Snake Game.

Sturniolo Live
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Nick dominates snake google game during a two hour sturniolo triplets live stream on twitch @ sturniolo.triplets were the sturniolo triplets react to friends music and play google snake and interact with supporters.
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  1. I could watch their streams all day and their other videos they are literally my favorite YouTubers ever

  2. (basically just writing these times down for me to rewatch)
    42:03 chris’s face literally said ”did y’all see that” when he looked at the chat after succeeding aw 😭
    43:18 matt saying ”sorry you’re sh!t at this game” to chris, and then right after literally doing the dumbest fail and dy!ng just absolutely killed me 😭😭😭
    50:06 nick sneezing, and then saying ”thanks guys” because no one blessed him
    53:58 i love matt sm 🙁
    55:11 i just wanna know what’s happening between cassie and lacey i’m so invested
    1:10:10 IM CRYING AT THIS 😭
    1:14:06 ”that’s kinda negative of you”

  3. I was literally answering all their questions as if I was talking to them

  4. Matts smirk when he restarted the game after dying 😂

  5. Chris and nick never usually look alike but at the start he looked exactly like nick 🤣

  6. best 2 hours of snake game that has ever happen

  7. Am i gonna watch 2 hour video of the triplets. Yes I am

  8. Can’t believe I just watched 3 teenage boys play snake game for 2 fucking hours jesus christ

  9. you guys are the only people i could watch for 2 hours

  10. Brent from that season of big brother is an old family friend of mine. He dated my cousin for a couple years and came to all our family trips and stuff.

  11. thank you for making this channel! i live in the UK so it's harder to watch your streams, love you guys!

  12. at the end when they read my comment i literally cried, btw i was the one that said my name is Ocean.

  13. I do my hw while I watch your videos 🤠😅

  14. I bet Nick a lot more experience with snakes

  15. We always pretend we do Coke…#W

  16. did I just watch 2 hours of triplets playing google snake? yes I did.

  17. LMAO in a youtube video chris is like “oh i can act whatever you want” and in this one he is like “i can’t skit i’m not a actor” like chris make up ur mind my guy

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