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I ported SNAKE.io to Discord

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Snake.io, but in Discord… with 10+ people playing at the same time as the same snake, what could go wrong? Today I’ll be porting snake.io in Discord, by using Discord’s API, and I’m gonna host an event in a server for people to play along.

Thanks to AssassiN#0002 for helping me turn this into an executable.

If you want to host the event for your server, email me at [email protected] or message me on Discord.


Thanks for watching!


  1. Amazing work! Remember me when you grow bigger!

  2. Hey make bot that can play video from YouTube or any db like music bot

  3. Dude this channel is so underrated. You deserve a sub!

  4. Super great video FaceDev! Loved how you showed us the result at the end xD

  5. Hello i was wondering if you could make a video about how to make a discord bot?

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