How to Play Snake IO With Friends

How to Play Snake IO With Friends


How to Play Snake IO

This multiplayer is a cool title that pits you against real people. But it’s even more fun to compete with someone you know. Try to enter the round simultaneously with your pal. High chances are that the adventure will send you to different servers. However, there is a way to get entertained together anyway. Scroll down to learn how to play Snake io with friends. Play free online games your browser here at

The Problem with the Title

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t added the feature to invite other people yet. And it’s not clear if there will be such an opportunity someday. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time with your pals using 1 device! This way is perfect even for a big group.

How to Play Snake IO With Friends: Take Turns

How to Play Snake IO With Friends

Pick the platform – browser or an online app:

  • The first option is the easiest, as you won’t have to download anything. Just launch the adventure using Google Chrome or other alternatives. Don’t forget to update it to avoid lags. You’ll also minimize the chances of catching viruses because you install nothing to your gadget.
  • The second variant is to get an app for PCs or smartphones. It’s free, but you’ll spend time on the installation procedure. Be careful when searching for the file. Trust only certified shops such as App Store or Google Play.

Then launch rounds, take turns and see who the best is! But if you’re planning a big competition, you’ll need to make some preparations.

Epic Matches

Epic Matches

Decide how many rounds there will be in total. Take a piece of paper and a pen to make a spreadsheet. Or do it in the digital format on a computer – it doesn’t matter. Fill in the fields with the contestants’ scores. In the end, calculate who has the most and name this person the champion.

Check out this video to get inspired before the battle.

A Universal Method

Now you know how to play snake io with friends. The lack of the feature to share the server’s link won’t stop you! A tip: you can do the same with any game, even if it’s single-player only.