Google I/O 2011: Python@Google -

Google I/O 2011: Python@Google

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Wesley Chun, Guido van Rossum

Python is one of the key languages at Google today. It runs on many our internal systems and shows up in many of our APIs. Some of the key contributors to the language are Googlers and continue to actively promote, use, and support the language. In this talk, we’ll discuss Python’s background & history, discuss its philosophy, show you some syntax, and give some examples of what we use it for at Google.


  1. bueno e interesante video herramientas funcionales para tener en cuenta

  2. You ask the Android team? Duh! SL4A will it ever be what it should be 🙁 ?

  3. Jeff Elkner is my Computer Science Teacher. His cs I class is all about python.

  4. The first question is pretty good, most of people puzzled which programing language they should use. the answer is so funny and impartial

  5. hi,

    im looking for tutorial on web application development in python including installing, configuring python, web server, using IDE, and a sample application.

    i have been looking for installing OS, web server, IDE, to develop a sample web application in python, all the information is scattered and buggy.

    please compile a tutorial comprising of OS, IDE, web server, all the configurations, and with a 4 page web application to start with. I prefer ubuntu, nginx, eclipse-pydev

  6. Loved this video. Oh and Guido has lost weight. 🙂

  7. If you wanna fall in love at first sight with a programming language, try Python!


  9. Super! I'm watched your tutorials from AZERBAIJAN! Thanks Again!

  10. python just doesn't support
    google += 1
    is correct python code

  11. Hola como estan, quisiera saber si este video tiene subtitulo en español ???? Gracias ….. 🙂 🙂
    Hello how are you, I wonder if this video is subtitled in Spanish???? Thanks ….. 🙂 🙂

  12. I have a question for python programmers (i'm a noob in python). the factor example in 18:59. if the code is run, wouldnt it just take in consideration if "i" is even or not? the "factor" variable is just used to print, not really used in the mod operation.
    so, wouldnt the result be:
    odd … etc?

  13. I really don't work with tools like PowerPoint really well. But i work with python really well :))

  14. which library ur using for developing code

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