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🐍Snake.io🐍ya Soy Un Pro🐍 115.000+🐍Game Player 🇩🇴Dominy🇩🇴

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Slither.io[a] is a multiplayer online video game available for iOS, Android, and web browsers, developed by Steve Howse. Players control an avatar resembling a snake, which consumes multi-colored pellets, both from other players and ones that naturally spawn on the map in the game, to grow in size. The objective of the game is to grow the longest snake in the server. Slither.io is similar in concept to the popular 2015 web game Agar.io and is reminiscent of the classic arcade game Snake.

The game grew in popularity following its promotion among several prominent YouTube users such as PewDiePie, and topped the App Store soon after its release. Slither.io’s browser version was ranked by Alexa as one of the 1,000 most visited sites by July 2016, while the iOS version ranked first in the most downloaded apps on the App Store. A mobile version of the game for Android was released on March 27, 2016. The reception of the game was positive, with reviewers praising its appearance and customization but criticizing it for its low replay value and the high price users must pay to remove advertisements.

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An example of Slither.io gameplay, showing one player’s snake eating the remains of another snake that has died. This is only a part of the map.
The objective of the game is to control a snake, also known as “slithers”, around a wide area and eat pellets, defeating and consuming other players to gain mass to grow the largest and longest in the game.[1] Once players are spawned into the virtual world, their avatar remains in constant motion. If the player’s snake’s head collides another slither, the player will die. The defeated avatar’s body turns into bright, larger shining pellets for other players to consume.[1][2] These pellets that remain from “death” of an avatar will correspond to the color of the avatar itself, and are both brighter and bigger than “normal” pellets, which spawn naturally throughout the world.[2] Normal pellets do not give as much mass as pellets dropped from other snakes. “Chase” pellets will appear individually in various places of the world; when eaten, they give a greater amount of mass than pellets dropped by other snakes. Chase pellets avoid snakes and flee when they draw near. Chase pellets can be obtained by boosting.[3]

By pressing and holding the space bar, up arrow, or left/right mouse button, or double-tapping the touch screen on mobile, the player can use their boost, which causes the avatar to speed up.[3] When the button is released, or the finger on the touchscreen on mobile, the snake will stop using its boost. As a player uses their boost, the snake loses mass, causing the snake’s size to shrink slightly as the player continues to boost. The mass that is lost from the boost appears as a line of small pellets where the boost was used.[3] The mass lost can be regained by consuming the pellets. Similar to pellets dropped from defeated avatars, the boost pellets correspond to the color of the avatar. The boost feature is useful to outmaneuver and defeat opponents.[4] A common strategy that is used by players to defeat opponents is by coiling the player’s slither around a smaller opponent’s in a loop, until the opponent, trapped in the tightening loop, crashes into the player.[5]

There is a border that confines avatars within the circular game board. If a snake hits the border, the player automatically dies without turning into pellets. On each server, leaderboards are displayed at the top right, showing the top ten players with snakes that have the most mass out of all the other slithers in the entire server.[5]

There are 16 default skins, each one a different solid color along with multiple repeating patterns.[b] The colors are randomly chosen when the player joins the server.[6] Players can choose to customize their snake’s appearances using custom skins with unique designs including different countries’ flags, as well as skins with motifs and colors representing well-known YouTubers, such as Jacksepticeye, Jelly, and PewDiePie.[6] The player may also choose to create their own skin, with a tool known as “Build a Slither”, which shows the different colors that an avatar can be made of, that can be placed on the worm upon clicking. Previously, in order to unlock custom skins in browser mode, players were forced to share the game on Twitter or Facebook using the external links found on the website. By June 2016, the ability to add skins was also added to the iOS and Android versions.[7]

According to game creator Steven H

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