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【Snake.io】Horns and Halos Live Event Trailer

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🐍💖 Slither with devilish horns and angelic halos on our newest event “Horns and Halos”! Spread love, unlock romantic skins, outsmart rivals, and climb the love-filled leaderboards! 🌹🎮



  1. I got this snake the angle cat aka Angela ago😅😊

  2. I loved the event and i have all the skins❤😊 except raphael cuz i didnt get him

  3. Can you please bring back Train Your Dragon Here are the skins:Spitfire Flamentonge BlazewingGreat Storm DragonThis is how for the scoresSpitfire: 4357 (0 Revives)Flamentonge: 7451 (0 Revives)Blazewing: 961 (0 Revives)Great Storm Dragon: Chasing Flamentonge with score of 2345So this has to be event for March 2024

  4. Like heaven and hell skins in snakeio 🎉

  5. Vocês muda o desafio a primeira skim 7500 pontos e a segunda skim matar 300 cobras e a terceira skim jogar 30 vezes o modo do evento

  6. Yeah!!! Great event. Cool Skin… 🥰🐍🎮♥

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